Best mattress Reviews



TheMattressAdvisor was started in aim of helping consumers make an educated decision when buying mattress. A mattress is an item designed to last a long time and you wouldn't want one that will fail you after say 5 years. We have a dedicated team that put in a lot of hours in researching mattresses.

Sometimes we receive free mattresses for the sole purpose of reviewing and we found that, relying only on this method is not the correct way. Something more had to be done to bring voices of others who use the same mattress. We started incorporating genuine online reviews from trusted stores such as Amazon and other mattress stores in our rating system.

Here is how we rate the mattresses; We pick a mattress and factor such as temperature. We then go through reviews across the trusted online stores and score the mattress for the factor based on positive minus negative feedback. Our own assessment contribute to 25% of the score while the other 75% is based on online reviews.

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