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Bed Sheets Buying Guide

Buying bed sheets is a major investment and not something that should be taken lightly. You need to know what size of bedding you need. King, queen, double, twin XL, or twin sheets to fit your bed also are important items that you need to consider when purchasing bed sheets. If you measure the mattress that will also tell you the height and help you determine whether you want standard pockets or deep pockets for your fitted sheet. Thread count, weave, texture, and color are all important elements that go into your bedding purchase. The factors will all help to make buying new bedding a lot more satisfying and at the end of the day, you will feel very accomplished. 

Mattress Size

Measuring the height of the mattress will help to prevent you from the frustrations of buying the wrong fitted sheet that does not fit your mattress. Get out a standard measuring tape and put the end of the tape on the bottom of the mattress and measure up to the top. Write down the height. There is a 12 to a 14-inch pocket on a standard bed sheet set with a fitted bottom sheet. The size of the pocket is usually not stated on the label unless it happens to be a deep pocket. Deep pocket sheets have a 15 to 22-inch pocket size. When you know the size of the mattress it can help to prevent you from buying the wrong size sheets that won’t fit your mattress. You will be a lot happier if you check the label to see what the pocket size is.

Bed size is another factor that needs to be considered for bed sheets. Every mattress manufacturer has its own standards for making mattresses. Sheets are made by the same standard. a fitted sheet for a California King is 72 x 84 inches, a king is 76 x 80 inches, a queen is 60 x 80 inches, a full is 56 x 75 inches, a twin XL is 39 x 80 inches, and a twin is 39 x 75 inches.

After the bed size is determined, the next major step is to find the best sheets for you. Color, texture, weave, and thread counts are the next factors that you need to consider when buying bd sheet. If you would like to have durable, soft sheets that will maintain a crisp look and hold their cold, then you should purchase single ply, 100% cotton sheet. Those sheets can complement your bedroom decor and add flair and style to your bedding.

Thread Count of the Bed Sheets

Any 100% cotton fiber single ply sheet that has a thread count of higher than 250 will hold up longer against wear and tear and look good after each wash. Every increase in thread count like 300, 400, 500, will be softer and feel like satin. Cotton is the most durable fabric and single ply is the softest available sheet. When you are considering the thread count there are several different types of cotton sheets to choose from: Organic, Supima, Pima, and Egyptian.  Each of them is made out of high-quality long fibers. They feel natural against your skin and are soft and durable.

Other types of sheets that are not cotton: Silk, Bamboo (bamboo grass), Polyester blend (polyester and cotton), and Synthetic (polyester). They all can be silky and soft, drape well, and be wrinkle resistant but compared to 100% cotton sheets might not be as natural and soft.


Damask and Jacquard weaves are the most luxurious and come in various patterns and stripes to enhance your decor. The matte weave next to the sateen weave is created by special looms for making stripes and help to mute or bright out the shine in your room decor.

There are also other weaves available, including a solid sateen weave that features a vertical threat that is woven for 4-8 horizontal threats. It is less durable but soft. Pinpoint weave has one thread under and two threads over. Compared to a true sateen weave it is not as soft. Percale weave involves each yarn alternately crossing over and under another yarn. At first, it feels rougher but after several washings, it might get softer.


The most luxurious feel is provided by 100% cotton when it is combined with a higher than 250 thread count. The sheet’s texture can propel your bed from being ordinary up to extraordinary. Silken, soft sheets that has a high thread count offer hours of rest and comfort without rubbing or chafing the way that lowe thread count sheets can. The sheet’s texture is essential to getting a night of restful sleep. The texture that is needed for achieving that goal is provided by high thread count sheets.

Color of The Bed Sheets

Highlighting or matching the bedroom’s colors with beet sheet can help to bring out the theme of the room while providing an added coolness or warmth with bedding and accents. A burgundy bed cover that has lighter or matching sheet will complement the decorating theme or your bedroom or a light-colored bed cover with a dark sheet can accentuate the room’s highlights. Sheets come in such a wide range of colors that you can enhance the room whether you need white, black, burgundy, yellow, green, or navy-blue sheet. Each color of the sheet can be matched with a color scheme in order to bring out the accents or a room or highlight its qualities.

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