Water Mattress

How to Care For and Maintain Your Water Mattress

While a water bed is not the right option for everyone, the people who own them do feel very strongly about these beds.  A lot of these people believe that a water mattress offers the most comfortable sleep.  There are also many people who find the gentle movement of the mattress the ultimate sleep aid.  Fortunately for these people, water mattresses are easy to use and long lasting.

These mattresses also require little maintenance, but there are some steps that you should take if you want to lengthen the lifespan of your water mattress.  Some of these maintenance steps will also increase the comfort you get from the mattress.  One of the most important care steps will be to add water bed conditioner periodically to the water in the mattress.  You also need to ensure that the water level is correct.

Water Bed Conditioner

This conditioner is important and you have to add this to the water in the mattress periodically.  The conditioner ensures that the water does not become stagnant.  When the water in the bed becomes stagnant, you will notice a bad smell coming from the mattress and this will make it harder to enjoy your time in the bed.

The useful lifespan of your mattress can also be negatively affected by forgetting about the conditioner.  Algae growth inside the mattress will cause a deterioration of the materials in the mattress.  The growth will also cause cracking and hardening of the vinyl which is used to make these mattresses.

To prevent all of these problems, you need to add around 8 ounces of multipurpose water bed conditioner to the water in the mattress every 18 months.  The best place to find this conditioner will be at the water bed dealer.  They will be able to provide you with the high-quality product that you need.

Maintaining The Water Levels

Another important maintenance task will be to maintain the right water levels in the mattress.  Under or overfilling your mattress will damage it.  When overfilled, the mattress is more likely to stretch and when this happens additional pressure is applied to the seams.  The pressure will cause the seams to weaken which can be fatal for the mattress. 

The frame for your water mattress will also be designed to hold the weight of a properly filled mattress.  When the mattress is overfilled, it will weigh more than it should and this can place stress on the bed frame.  When the frame is under stress, it will not support the mattress correctly and could become damaged.  The structural integrity of the frame could be compromised and cause it to break while you are on it.

When you underfill the mattress, you will be placing more stress on the heater.  This can cause the heater to overheat and cause the water to be too warm.  The vinyl of the mattress can be damaged as well because it could come into contact with the heater.

The problem is that many people do not know how to determine whether or not their mattress has been filled to the correct level.  One of the ways that you can check this will be to place a broom handle across one corner of the bed frame.  As you fill the mattress, you need to keep an eye on the frame.  When the handle starts to lift off the frame, you know that it is time to stop filling the mattress.  While this is not a very scientific method of determining water levels, it is one of the easiest while also being as accurate as possible.

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