Bed Bug Mattress Cover

How to Choose the Right Bed Bug Mattress Cover

Bed bugs are among the most annoying insects around. They are insidious creatures that can make getting a full night’s sleep next to impossible if only for the itchy bites that they leave behind. They can be managed with regular vacuuming, insecticide treatments, and steam cleanings. You can do other things to ensure that infestations remain at a minimum. You won’t need to toss that brand-new mattress out, either.

Mattress Encasements

These are essentially plastic, bug-proof covers that zip up to form a complete cover for any mattress. They protect the mattress from bed bugs. If your home has already been taken over by these pests, the encasement is still a handy item to have. It traps any bugs inside and will kill them.

New bugs won’t be able to get inside. Many encasement products have been thoroughly tested to determine this. You should, however, thoroughly vacuum your mattress before you zip a new cover on.

Price of The Bed Bug Mattress Cover

What should you consider most of all when choosing a bed bug mattress cover? Don’t go for the cheapest one you can find. You might just get what you pay for. Always choose a well-made, reasonably priced mattress encasement. Find a product that has been made to keep bed bugs out. Avoid buying anything made only for box springs.

Don’t buy an allergy-proof cover. These help with allergies but cannot guarantee that the bed bugs won’t infiltrate your mattress. Shop carefully when looking for the ideal mattress cover encasement. Make sure it offers the right fit and securely closes with a well-made zipper. Ideally, you will choose one that is made to professional-grade standards and comes with laboratory certification.


The best bed bug mattress covers are made by bed bug exterminating experts. Besides looking for the proper protection from these pests, you want to choose something that is comfortable. You will be sleeping on it every night so you want something that feels good under your sheets. It should not bunch up and should have a smooth, snug fit.

Choose a comfortable encasement made with soft but durable fabric. You want it to last for as long as possible. You should also check to be sure that there are no seams or pockets. These can be potential egg-laying places for any bed bugs that you try to trap in the encasement. They can also disrupt the smoothness of the encasement for your own comfort.

Other details to look for in a high-quality bed bug mattress encasement are water resistance and the ability to prevent any bugs from biting through the material. It is rare but it can happen, so stick to shopping for quality mattress encasements made by professionals who know how to prevent bed bug problems. Follow the care instructions for the encasement and enjoy bed-bug free sleep from now on!

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