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How To Select The Best Mattress For Larger or Heavy People

If you are a larger or heavy individual searching for your next mattress to buy, then you will need something to sleep on beyond a run-of-the-mill set. It can be very frustrating to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress every night. You wake up and your back is sore, or even worse, you don’t even make it through the entire night and wind up in the living room on the couch or in your chair. It’s time to buy a new mattress, but if you choose the wrong one you will need up sacrificing important features and suffer from bad sleep once again.

Simply follow the steps below to learn everything about how to choose your next mattress. You will be very exciting and comfortable after you know you did all the proper research and select the best mattress for you and your needs.

There are so many different mattresses to choose from. How can you find the one that is best for your needs?

Support for Heavy Individuals

A mattress that supports your body is critical for getting a comfortable night’s sleep. You need to keep in mind to swat with the frame and what is under the box spring and mattress. Whether you will be placing a mattress and box spring on a metal frame, or the same set onto a wood bed, or you might choose an adjustable bed base. Whatever you decide on it is very important to ensure that the product has strong support for both you and your partner, along with the mattress set.

A basic metal frame is not sufficient. Don’t buy it unless it states that it supports a high level of weight or a large person. You might want to have a frame made for you or make one yourself out of 2″ x 8″ pine boards that have two center supports.

The box spring is next. The box spring is important in how you sleep as well as the life of the mattress. Box springs are available in two different types:

Foundation Box Spring

Made from thin wood surrounding the area’s perimeter. The wood is stapled together and in the middle is nothing except air.

Steel Box Spring

 Made from a heavy wood base that has a heavy grid steel cage side to side and head to toe. That provides the mattress with the best support when you are sleeping at night.

Comfort for Heavy Individuals

As a heavy person, when you are choosing your comfort level, it isn’t any different than a person weighing 100 pounds to choose one for themselves. Around 72% of all individuals sleep on their sides. That provided mattress manufacturers with a wide range of comfort levels to make for consumers. That is why when you go to a bedding store and you see all the choices that are available, it can be a bit confusing. Many of the models are designed to be used by side sleepers.

These choices are categorized by manufacturers into various comfort levels that are called either “pillow top” or “plush.” The main differences between the two have ore to do with marketing than anything. However, with a pillow top mattress, it is usually a thicker type mattress. It is the same thing as going shopping for a car and being amazed at all of the different models that are parked in the lot.

Assume you sleep on your back. That means your body is accustomed to sleeping all night long on your back. Anything that is really soft should be eliminated for your comfort level.

Coil Spring Systems

These days there are three main different styles of mattresses. There is the all-foam (latex foam or memory foam), the coil or innerspring mattress, and the hybrid mattress.

The innerspring or coil spring mattress is the most popular and old standby. All manufacturers these days produce various innerspring mattresses. The following are the different coil systems:

  • Marshall unit: Encased or pocketed coil
  • Continuous coil:
  • Bonnell system (open and closed)

The coil system mattress is popular mainly due to its comfort levels and lower price.

Our big tip here is to search for a coil system with a strong spring system. Search for things like five turn coils, tempered steel, and heavy gauge wire.


Below are the types of foams that go well with the coil system

Memory Foam

When discussing the best mattresses for heavy individuals, this kind of mattress comes from the best science. Visco elastic foam, which is called memory foam, was first invented by a Swedish chemist in the 1970s and then developed further by NASA for other science applications. Due to its long-lasting effect and pressure-relieving qualities, memory foam is a popular material for sleeping on. Memory foam contours to your body either as a back sleeper or side sleeper. For side sleepers, there are also several different softness and firmness levels that are available.

Latex Foam:

 This is another type that is good for providing pressure relief. The foam features two separate characteristics – synthetic latex and natural latex. Synthetic latex is a type of man-made product, while natural latex is derived from a rubber tree. Unlike memory foam, this kind of foam feels like you are sleeping on a bed. Natural, good latex can be expensive. However, if you like that comfortable feeling, it can be worth the price, since it will last for many years.

Adjustable Bed Base

For heavy people, an adjustable bed based can be a very good option. It provides many benefits and is also affordable now. From my personal experience, I can tell you it has helped tremendously with my back pain over the years.

For heavy people, adjustable bed bases are a great option. They support up to 800 pounds. The Hybrid Mattress is half-foam and half-coil. The coil is referred to as “encased” or “pocketed.” The coil system provides very good support for the body. Due to its design, it also is very helpful for spinal alignment. When two people are sleeping on the mattress, if one of them moves, the other individual’s sleep won’t be disturbed.

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