idle sleep hybrid mattress review

Our IDLE Sleep Hybrid Mattress Review   

idle sleep bodyIDLE entered the mattress market in 2017 and quickly captivated the most discerning sleepers with a line of mattresses and a one-of-a-kind deal that allowed customers to borrow the mattress for up to 18 months risk-free. There are currently four different mattresses to try out: the IDLE plush gel, the IDLE Gel Foam, the IDLE All-Natural Latex, and the IDLE Hybrid.  

 In our review today, we will be discussing the remarkable IDLE Hybrid, which showcases a variety of special features, including hardwearing coils springs and several layers of blended foam. This brilliant construction allows the IDLE Sleep Mattress to provide excellent durability, comfort, bounce, support, and durability. The special pressure-relief foam, 1000-pocketed coils, and custom buoyancy provide an experience that many customers say is like sleeping on a cloud.

 Furthermore, the six-supporting layers of pressure relief foam each have a particular purpose and benefit, making this one of the greatest mattresses on the market today. 

Who Is the IDLE Sleep Hybrid Mattress for?  

  • Those looking for a Hybrid with adjustable firmness levels.
  • Anyone who would like to extend the longevity of their mattress by flipping it over every so often.
  • Those who would like a mattress that doesn’t conduct or absorb heat energy but carries it away.
  • Those who want a choice of mattress and firmness levels.
  • Those looking for a mattress that can be flipped or spun to balance pout wear and tear.
  • Nothing can actually last a lifetime, but a warranty over 15 years is a value deal in anyone’s books.

How Firm is this Mattress?

The IDLE Hybrid can be purchased in two different firmness scales; there is the medium, which could be considered a 6, on a scale of 1 to 10. Then, the luxury firm which is more like a 7 or low 8 on the same scale. Furthermore, you can choose to have one side a medium firmness and the other side luxury firm.    

Mattress-Firmness-Small idle sleep

 All the products from the IDLE company can be flipped. This is an important advantage as it allows the customer to extend the lifespan of their mattress considerably. Moreover, if you are prone to back complaints, but like soft beds, you can flip the mattress and use the firmer side when needed. 

 What is the IDLE Sleep Hybrid Mattress Made of?

 There are an array of different Top-quality components in the six layers of the IDLE hybrid construction. These components provide perfect durability, support, comfort, cooling, and more. Each of the layers is composed of adequately selected materials to provide a superior sleeping experience. 

idle sleep cross section Thermocool Upper Fabric

The Thermocool layer is the uppermost layer and plays an essential role in the mattress’s unique heat dissipation. If you are very sensitive to the heat, you should consider how this product could help you get a more high-quality rest at night. 

Quilting Foam

Quilting foam is the next layer, and it’s what provides the sleeper with a relaxing and comfy sleeping surface. This layer also helps spread out the mattress’s firmness, and this is something all sleepers will enjoy. 

Airflow Foam

As its name implies the, the Airflow layer allows air to flow through the mattress and this allows for a steady air temperature and more comfortable sleeping arrangements. 

Buoyancy Foam

 Underneath the quilted foam layer is a layer of buoyancy foam designed to provide improved support to the sleeping body. This will allow you to rest more comfortably, sleep deeper, and wake up without the aches and pains that can come from sleeping on inferior sleeping accommodations. This is an important distinction to make. Because there are comfy and very comfy mattresses out there that are “nice” to sleep on but don’t provide this type of relief to the body’s strains and pressures. 

 Coil Pocket System

The fifth layer is a pocketed coil system that runs from edge to edge in the mattress center.  This is similar to other types of mattresses that stay firm and provide suitable support through this support method. The IDLE Hybrid allows sturdy support no matter if you are sitting, standing or laying on the bed. With a six-inches thickness, the coil pocket system ensures that your bed will be firm and sturdy for many years to come. 

Two-Sided Protective Foam

On either side of the mattress, you will find a thick layer of protective foam that houses the interior coils. This provides the foundational support that keeps the bed soft and comfortable while the other components keep it firm and sturdy. You can expect the same level of sleeping comfort no matter which side you sleep on. 

 Does it Sleep Hot?

 Most sleepers find that sleep very cool on the IDLE Hybrid mattress even on a hot summer night. This is probably due to the effective airflow that moves through the airflow layer of the mattress. The springs and out layers are also designed to dissipate the heat rather than hold it in. The design is the same throughout the entire mattress. 

 Edge Support

 Because of the pocketed coil support layer’s superior design, the IDLE Hybrid mattress provides a high level of edge support suitable for most sleepers. This edge support plays a role in what kind of surface area is available for the sleeper to use. When a bed has strong sleeping edges, it is more turdy across and protects the sleeper from rolling off the bed in the middle of the night. This often happens with weak mattress edges that can buckle and can send the sleeper crashing to the floor. This is an especially important point for those who will share a bed with another person, their child or possibly a pet. 

 Motion Isolation

 Because of the intelligent contouring in the foam layers, the IDLE Hybrid isolates motion very well. These comfortable layers work to absorb motion in the mattress and keep the bed sturdy even if there is an otherwise movement. Like a large dog, climbing in or out of bed.  

IDLE sleep hybrid mattress pricing


39” x 75” x 11”



60” x 80” x 11”



76” x 80” x 11”


Frequently asked questions

 You get an extensive trial period to test the mattress out. IDLE SLEEP is confident that you will love your mattress that offers this impressive trial period of 18 months. If you don’t feel the mattress is right for your needs. Just phone them, and they will come to pick up the mattress completely free.

This mattress can be used on any solid surface with equal efficacy. You can also use wooden boxes, slat support, box-spring, or an adjustable base. The floor will work just fine as well. 

After you make your purchase online, your package will be prepared, wrapped in a special plastic casing, and delivered in a cardboard box. Once you have removed the packaging and protective wrap, your mattress will be ready for use — no off-gassing to worry about. 

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