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Reasons Why You Should Never Buy a Used Mattress

Here’s the scenario – you have a decade old scenario and saw a sign in a random intersection with a HUGE SALE on Hotel Mattresses that are about a year old. While this may help you lower your carbon footprint and seemed to be an eco-friendly option, not to mention a cheaper way, is it a good idea to go for used mattresses?

Always Go With Your Gut Feel – Used Mattresses Never Seemed to Be a Great Idea

It most countries, mattresses can be sold even if it’s used – if the details are disclosed such as the number of months or years they’ve been used. As enticing as it sounds, can you even consider this as a great buy?

You’ve probably heard your mom or dad tell you to always follow your instincts, or you’ve probably seen Star Wars and saw Obi-Wan’s advice to Luke. Just like what you’re thinking, there’s no guarantee ever that the used mattress you are about to purchase is sanitary, clean and offers the support that you’re looking for. As a matter of fact, only brand-new mattresses can provide you those guarantees, and used ones may even be a health factor.

Second-Hand Mattresses Are Lower Quality

While there’s no denying that used mattresses are cheaper, you still can’t be guaranteed that they’re firm and clean, even if the previous owner claimed to have cleaned them before putting them up for sale. You don’t know which products were used to clean them – you don’t even have the assurance that they’ve been cleaned! As a matter of fact, even if it has been dry cleaned, the exterior may seem okay, but it can damage foam underneath the surface.

One of the many reasons why a good mattress is essential for sleep is because it offers support, which significantly helps with sleeping problems. With a used mattress, you don’t know if these materials may offer the support you’re looking for, regardless of how long or short it has been used. According to Better Sleep Council, if you’re using a mattress and has been putting a board beneath it, it’s a good indication that it must be immediately replaced.

Additionally, a lot of individuals may develop different spinal and back issues as they grow older. As expected, used mattresses cannot give you the assurance that you’ll be relieved from the pain. Unlike new mattress, with the right brand and model, you’re often offered to try it out for a certain period to help you figure out if it’s the right mattress for your needs.

What Are The Possible Health Risks When Buying a Used Mattress?

Personally, you’re with who can only use your mattress, right? If that’s the case, why would you even buy a used one, considering that you don’t know who slept on it first?

Kathryn Tuggle, a business writer wrote that there are 6 different things that you should not purchase second-hand. Guess what’s the first item on the list? Yes – mattresses. If you’re curious, other things on the list include engagement rings and car seats.

While not everyone talks about bedbugs, this could be a common problem in most countries, and buying used mattresses could just mean that you’re inviting bed bugs inside your home. Hotels are suffering from bed bug problems, and the likelihood of buying one infested with bed bugs is high. This also applies not just on mattresses, but also on cushions and pillows.

One last thing that you must consider would be the owner of the mattress, and who shared it with him/her (if any). As much as we love children, if they’re still potty training, there’s a chance that accidents may happen, and sanitary control is an issue. The person who used that mattress may also have perspiration issues or may have become very ill – so we can’t really say how “clean” the mattress is. Given that it may have come from a decent person, are you willing to save a couple of bucks for that uncertainty? Just like what they say – don’t let the bed bugs bite – and you can only make that happen if you purchase a brand-new mattress.

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