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Sourcing A Safe, Affordable Mattress Free From Toxic Chemicals

Did you know that humans spend over a third of their life in bed? An average mattress contains many harmful chemicals that can become absorbed by the body over time, resulting in a variety of health problems. Few individuals know about the dangers of toxins in mattresses, but the findings of various studies provide much proof. If you were able to alter this potentially harmful part of your everyday environment without too much effort, would it not be your number one priority? The majority of mainstream mattresses are stuffed full of chemicals that often result in chronic illnesses that doctors can’t seem to find a cause or cure for. What if the cure was as simple as removing a toxic mattress from your home?

Dangerous Chemical Found In Mattresses

As much as 90% of mattresses contain multiple harmful toxins like formaldehyde, cotton pesticides, and polyurethane foam. However, some of the most toxic chemicals are found in the flame retardant used on mattresses. The Product Safety Commission in the United States requires all mattresses sold to be able to withstand half an hour of exposure to open flames. The cheapest way to meet the commission’s fire safety standards is to soak a mattress in various flame-retardant chemicals. Examples of a few of the chemicals used in mattress flame retardants are antimony silicon, decabromodiphenyl oxide, formaldehyde, and boric acid. Exposure to all those chemicals has been linked to liver damage, kidney damage, and various forms of cancer.

The chemicals in mattress flame retardant leach through sheets and mattress covers and are absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin. When you consider that you spend over a third of your life asleep, how can you continue to sleep peacefully when you know your mattress could be filling your body with cancer-causing toxins?

Mattress Makeup Facts

A typical memory foam mattress contains over 61 chemicals. Many people sleeping on new memory foam mattresses complain of flu-like symptoms, frequent nosebleeds, and rashes shortly after purchasing the item for their bed. Using carcinogens to make a mattress flame resistant is more economical than using non-toxic flame retardants like organic wool, but no more effective.

Why Are Chemicals Found In Mattress Dangerous?

The toxins found in the materials used to manufacture most mattresses can start to build up in the human body resulting in deteriorating health for individuals. Aside from liver damage, kidney damage and cancer, other health issues linked to those chemicals include depression, birth defects, memory problems, learning difficulties, heart damage, and brain damage.

Safer Alternatives

It’s well-known that natural wool has excellent flame-retardant properties, and it is effective enough to comply with the US Consumer Products Safety Commission’s requirements. Consequently, there is no need for manufacturers to coat mattresses with toxic chemicals to make them flame resistant. There are many places where you can source mattresses that use natural flame retardants like organic wool, and you will find suppliers online and in the high street. The market for non-toxic mattresses has increased dramatically in recent years, so prices are now a lot more competitive.

Take Note Of The Fine Print

Don’t assume that just because a mattress is advertised as ‘organic’ that it is guaranteed to be toxin-free. The term ‘organic’ just means that at least one of the materials used to manufacture the mattress came from an organic source. You need to look at the small print to find out if all of the materials in the mattress are organic and toxin-free. Many stores now sell mattresses that are specifically advertised as ‘chemical-free,’ so it is getting easier to verify that you are buying a mattress free from harmful chemicals.

Stop-Gap Measures

If you can’t afford to replace your current mattress with an organic variety at this time, you can make your current sleeping situation less toxic by investing in a quality plastic mattress cover. A plastic cover will act as a barrier to prevent the toxic chemicals in your mattress from leaching through the sheets into your body. Make sure that you look for covers made from polyethylene because it’s the most effective and safe type of plastic. Ultimately, however, your goal should be to save up so you can replace your old mattress with a new, safe organic mattress.

Final Take

The next time you buy a mattress for yourself or someone in your family, be sure to think about the health risks associated with non-organic products. Do you really want to put the health of yourself or your family at risk by purchasing a mattress that is soaked in harmful chemicals? The price of organic mattresses is becoming more affordable all the time as market demand increases. Be part of the change and invest in safe mattresses for your household – The health benefits will be worth it.

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