Organic Mattress

Tips on How to Care For Your Organic Mattress

If you have recently purchased a high-quality and expensive organic mattress. It is important that you protect this investment in the way of caring for your organic mattress using the following tips:

Set Up A Durable Foundation For Your Organic Mattress

You can extend the lifespan of your mattress when it is set up on the right foundation. If your mattress is made from natural materials such as hemp, organic cotton, latex rubber, or wool, these materials need to breathe, and a platform that is solid is not the best choice. Synthetic box-spring foundations are also not the right choice as the mattress will not get enough air movement. Just as problematic would be to use no base at all.

There are several options to provide enough air movement when it comes to organic mattresses. Two good options include the organic box-spring foundation or a slatted platform frame, which will allow air movement. If these options are not possible, you could drill holes of 1” sizes into a solid platform to provide free-flowing air.

Cover Your Mattress With Organic Bedding

Another important tip for an organic mattress will include the type of bedding you have chosen. When it comes to organic mattresses you should only be using organic bedding. Begin with a natural cotton or wool mattress protector or pad. This allows for free airflow and will protect the mattress from soiling or stains. Your bedding should be made from hemp, wool, bamboo, or organic cotton.

If you would like your mattress to last, avoid any products such as mattress covers made from synthetic material, magnetic sheets, or synthetic barrier covers or foam toppers. These materials will restrict air movement along with stopping your organic mattress from being able to breathe naturally.

You should also wash your bedding regularly. This is also the ideal opportunity to allow the mattress to breathe more. Leave the mattress topper and sheets off and when possible air the mattress in sunlight. Some experts even recommend moving organic mattresses into direct sunlight for a complete air-out experience.

Flip Your Mattress

Whether it is necessary to flip the mattress is going to depend mainly on the type of product you bought. Here is an easy way to determine whether you need to flip your mattress.

– Monthly Mattress Flipping

The Futons and innerspring mattresses need to be rotated or flipped at least once a month to make sure the springs are wearing out evenly. Certain manufacturers will suggest less frequent rotations or flipping. You should watch for how the mattress is wearing down and flip more often when you start to notice indentations or uneven slumping.

– No Flipping Required

If your mattress is made from natural latex-rubber, you should not be rotating or flipping the mattress. Latex is a highly durable product which means it will not experience uneven wearing or indentations as spring mattresses do.

How to Spot Clean Your Organic Mattress

Hopefully, the mattress topper on your bed should stop the mattress from getting stained or soiled. Yet should something unexpected happen, here are a couple of natural tips for cleaning to keep the mattress smelling and looking good.

  1. First vacuum your mattress if the soiled areas are dry. The next step involves spot dabbing the stain using a damp sponge and a small amount of soap (natural). Allow the mattress to air dry.
  2. For any odors that are unpleasant, use a mixture of 1-part vinegar to 3 parts of water, and allow the mattress to dry in the sun.
  3. For any pet stains, first, sprinkle a generous layer of baking soda. Allow the powder to stand for an hour or so. Then soak a sponge in natural soap and diluted hydrogen peroxide working the solution into your mattress. Allow your mattress to fully dry, repeat the same steps again if there are any remaining odors.
  4. Keep your mattress clean and hygienic by vacuuming and airing the mattress out every 12 months in order to remove any debris and small particulate matter.


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