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What Mattress Does Best Western Use?

Best Western is a renowned hotel chain that operates in nearly 100 countries worldwide, providing high-quality accommodation and services to its guests. A crucial part of this commitment to high standards is the Best Western Hotel mattress selection, carefully chosen to ensure guest comfort. The chosen mattresses provide a restful night’s sleep and contribute significantly to the overall guest experience. Best Western demonstrates its deep understanding of the intimate link between guest satisfaction and sleep quality by opting for premium mattresses.

The emphasis on sleep comfort in the hospitality industry cannot be overstated. A well-rested guest will likely have a more positive view of their hotel experience, leading to higher ratings and a greater chance of return visits. Best Western recognizes this essential link and goes above and beyond to ensure the highest mattress quality. Their choices in mattresses reflect a deep appreciation for their guests’ needs, enhancing their reputation in the industry. In the following sections, we will explore the mattress brands Best Western has chosen for their hotels, underscoring their commitment to providing an exceptional sleep experience for all guests.

Best Western’s Choice of Mattresses

Best Western uses two primary mattress brands, Beautyrest and Sterling Sleep Hospitality.


Beautyrest Hospitality is the flagship brand of the esteemed mattress manufacturer Simmons. Best Western’s choice of Beautyrest underlines its dedication to offering a top-tier sleep experience to its guests. Beautyrest mattresses are known for their exceptional quality, offering a unique combination of comfort and support. They are the preferred choice of many renowned hotel chains, including Hilton and Red Lion Hotels, alongside Best Western hotels and resorts.

The reputation of Beautyrest mattresses extends beyond the hospitality industry, capturing the attention of residential customers as well. Known for their distinctive designs and advanced technology, Beautyrest mattresses cater to various sleep preferences. Each mattress embodies a blend of luxury and durability, providing an elevated sleep experience for guests. Beautyrest’s superior quality promises a great night’s sleep and contributes to Best Western’s lasting impression on its guests.

Sterling Sleep Hospitality

The second preferred mattress brand of Best Western is Sterling Sleep Hospitality. This reputable manufacturer offers a wide range of products, including six plush and pillow tops, part of their Best Western Approved Beds collection. The selection of Sterling Sleep mattresses showcases Best Western’s dedication to catering to diverse guest preferences and needs. Like Beautyrest, Sterling Sleep mattresses offer the optimal balance of comfort and support, ensuring every guest a restful night’s sleep.

Sterling Sleep Hospitality is recognized for its innovative designs and use of quality materials. Each of their mattresses is engineered to provide superior comfort and a personalized sleep experience. They are built to last, offering durability that can withstand the high usage rates in a hotel environment. Sterling Sleep mattresses in various Best Western hotels reinforce the chain’s commitment to offering an exceptional sleep experience and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Which Mattresses Are Like the Ones Used by Best Western?

If you’ve ever enjoyed a delightful night’s sleep at a Best Western hotel, you may have wondered how to recreate that comfort at home. The good news is that several high-quality mattresses are available in the consumer market that can give you a similar sleeping experience. Let’s delve into a couple of mattress brands that closely resemble the comfort and quality of Best Western’s selected brands, Beautyrest and Sterling Sleep Hospitality.

Saatva Mattress: Comparable Comfort and Luxury

Saatva Mattress

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Saatva Mattresses provide an excellent alternative for those seeking to replicate the level of comfort and luxury found in Best Western hotel rooms. Known for their eco-friendly materials and advanced comfort technologies, Saatva mattresses mirror the comfort and support blend in Beautyrest and Sterling Sleep Hospitality beds. Each Saatva mattress is designed to focus on providing a restful and luxurious sleep experience. They offer mattresses in varying firmness levels, including plush soft, luxury firm, and firm, enabling customers to select the most comfortable option for their sleep preferences.

As a brand, Saatva prioritizes the sustainability of its products. They use eco-friendly materials that deliver superior comfort and promote healthier sleep environments. This commitment to quality and environmental responsibility makes Saatva an excellent option for anyone seeking to emulate the Best Western sleep experience at home.

Puffy Lux Mattresses: A Similar Blend of Support and Plushness

Puffy Lux Mattress

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The Puffy Lux mattress is another commendable choice for those wishing to enjoy comfort reminiscent of a Best Western hotel stay. Renowned for their cloud-like comfort and robust support, Puffy Lux mattresses align closely with the high standards set by Best Western’s choice of Beautyrest and Sterling Sleep Hospitality mattresses. Each Puffy Lux mattress is designed to provide pressure relief and full-body support, facilitating a restful night’s sleep.

Puffy Lux incorporates advanced cooling technologies in their mattresses, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep experience, a feature that’s a hallmark of the Best Western sleep experience. Their adaptive foam layers also contribute to an enveloping plushness that many hotel guests appreciate. By choosing a Puffy Lux mattress, you can recreate the luxury and comfort of a Best Western hotel in your bedroom.

Why is the Innerspring Mattress from Best Western So Comfortable?

Best Western’s choice of innerspring mattresses, primarily from Beautyrest and Sterling Sleep Hospitality, is a testament to their commitment to guest comfort. Innerspring mattresses offer an ideal balance of support and cushioning, making them particularly comfortable for a wide range of sleepers. The springs in these mattresses distribute body weight evenly, reducing pressure points and promoting healthy spinal alignment.

Another reason for the comfort of Best Western’s innerspring mattresses is their motion isolation capability. This feature is especially important in a hotel where the bed might be shared. Motion isolation ensures that movement from one person doesn’t disturb the other, allowing for an uninterrupted night’s sleep. These innerspring mattresses are not just about functionality; they also employ plush top layers for a luxurious feel. This combination of support, cushioning, and luxury makes the innerspring mattresses at Best Western stand out in comfort.

Does Best Western Use Memory Foam Mattresses?

When it comes to the choice of mattresses, Best Western tends to favor innerspring models from manufacturers like Beautyrest and Sterling Sleep Hospitality. These brands incorporate a combination of springs and foam in their designs to create a unique blend of comfort and support. While they might not be purely memory foam mattresses, they do utilize foam layers to enhance comfort.

Memory foam is renowned for its pressure-relieving properties and ability to contour to the body. Some of Best Western’s selected mattresses may feature memory foam in their top layers, offering plushness and body-hugging comfort. However, it’s essential to note that the specific type of mattress used can vary between different Best Western locations and room types. Regardless, the hotel chain ensures that all mattresses meet their high standards for guest comfort and satisfaction.

What Beddings Does Best Western Use?

In addition to the comfort offered by their meticulously selected mattresses, Best Western also takes pride in the quality of their bedding. The bedding used in Best Western hotels is chosen with the utmost care, considering factors like comfort, quality, and guest preferences. Let’s examine the bedding choices in detail.

Pillows: Essential Support for a Good Night’s Sleep

Best Western’s pillow selection includes various options for different sleeping styles. For instance, the EnviroLoft® Down Alternative Medium Hotel Pillow from Downlite Bedding is a popular choice for back and side sleepers. Another notable option is the Goose Down Medium Hotel Pillow, also by DOWNLITE, preferred for its medium firmness that provides optimal support for back sleepers. For those preferring a lighter option, the SmartDown® Lightweight Double Diamond Pattern Blanket by DOWNLITE offers plush comfort and warmth.

Comforters: The Final Touch to Best Western’s Luxury Sleep Experience

The comforters used by Best Western add another layer of luxury to the sleep experience. The DOWNLITE® Hotel & Resort Luxury All Season RestAssured® White Goose Down Comforter is a perfect example. With its duvet tabs, it offers year-round comfort. The Winter USA Origin Duck Down Oversized Comforter, a hypoallergenic offering by Dream Naturally™ (DOWNLITE®), provides extra warmth for chillier nights. For guests preferring a lighter option, the Lightweight Down Oversized Comforter by Stearns & Foster™ (also hypoallergenic and supplied by DOWNLITE®) is a great choice. These comforter options ensure that every guest enjoys a cozy and restful sleep experience at Best Western.

How to Buy Best Western Hotels Mattress

If you’ve experienced a memorable sleep at a Best Western hotel and wish to recreate this comfort at home, purchasing a mattress similar to those used at Best Western is a viable option. Both Beautyrest Hospitality and Sterling Sleep Hospitality, the manufacturers of Best Western’s choice of mattresses, have products available for purchase in the retail market.

For Beautyrest mattresses, you can visit their official website or authorized resellers to explore the wide range of options they provide. They offer different models that cater to various comfort levels and budgets. Similarly, Sterling Sleep Hospitality mattresses can be purchased through their official website or other authorized retailers. It’s worth noting that while you might not find the exact model used in Best Western hotels, you can find very similar ones. Always consider your personal comfort preference and budget when choosing a mattress.

Mattress Quality and Brands in Hotels

Quality mattresses are essential in the hospitality industry, greatly contributing to the overall guest experience. When it comes to the choice of mattresses, hotels often opt for reputable brands known for their superior quality and durability. These mattresses need to withstand frequent use while ensuring optimal comfort for a diverse range of guests.

Some popular mattress brands used in the hotel industry include Beautyrest, Sterling Sleep Hospitality, Saatva, and Puffy Lux, among others. Each brand offers a unique blend of comfort and support, meeting the high standards set by hotels. These mattresses often come in different firmness levels to cater to various sleeping positions and preferences. They also feature advanced technologies for pressure relief, motion isolation, and temperature regulation, all crucial for a good night’s sleep. As such, the choice of mattress plays a significant role in a hotel’s reputation and guest satisfaction.

Between Beautyrest and Sterling Sleep Hospitality Mattress, Which is Better?

Choosing between Beautyrest and Sterling Sleep Hospitality mattresses largely depends on personal preference, as both brands offer high-quality products that cater to various sleeping needs. Both brands have earned their place in the hospitality industry, including in Best Western hotels, due to their unique blends of comfort and support and their durability.

Beautyrest mattresses are well-known for their innovative coil technology and foam layers, which provide excellent support and pressure relief. On the other hand, Sterling Sleep Hospitality boasts a range of customizable mattresses with replaceable parts and optional pillow tops to cater to individual comfort needs.

It’s important to note that while both brands offer top-tier comfort, the ‘better’ mattress can vary depending on individual needs and sleeping styles. Whether you prefer a firmer or softer feel, both brands have offerings that can suit your preferences, ensuring a restful sleep.

Guest Experience and Reviews

Guest experience and reviews are essential in providing insight into the comfort and quality of Best Western’s mattress choices. These first-hand experiences offer valuable information on how well the mattresses perform in real life.

Numerous reviews can be found on various travel and review websites like TripAdvisor, where guests commonly praise the comfort and quality of sleep they experience at Best Western hotels. Many attribute their restful sleep to the high-quality mattresses the hotel chain uses. The blend of comfort and support provided by the Beautyrest and Sterling Sleep Hospitality mattresses resonates well with most guests.

However, just as with any product, individual experiences may vary, with some guests preferring one mattress brand over the other. Regardless of the minor differences, the overall consensus points to high guest satisfaction regarding the quality of sleep at Best Western hotels.


In conclusion, Best Western’s meticulous selection of mattresses and bedding plays a vital role in providing superior comfort to their guests. The choices of Beautyrest and Sterling Sleep Hospitality mattresses reflect the hotel chain’s commitment to offering a restful and luxurious sleep experience. These mattresses, known for their blend of support and comfort, have proven to be popular with guests and contribute significantly to the hotel chain’s reputation for quality.

The influence of this mattress selection extends beyond just a good night’s sleep. It also impacts guest experience and satisfaction, shaping their overall perception of the Best Western brand. Through careful consideration of guest comfort and individual sleep preferences, Best Western ensures a memorable stay for their guests. Their choices reveal the importance of quality sleep in the hospitality industry and set a high standard for competitors.


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