Hyatt Hotel Mattress

What Mattress Does Hyatt Use?

Hyatt Hotel has successfully positioned itself as a leader in the global hospitality sector, owing its prestige to an unwavering commitment to guest comfort. Central to this comfort is the superior sleeping experience, anchored by the meticulously designed Hyatt hotel mattress. This significant feature differentiates Hyatt from other brands and illustrates their dedication to ensuring restful, rejuvenating sleep for all guests. High-quality sleep is not just an add-on but rather an integral part of the holistic Hyatt experience.

Understanding the profound role of sleep in health and well-being, Hyatt emphasizes perfecting every aspect of the sleep environment. Selecting their mattresses is not taken lightly; it involves comprehensive research and careful consideration. The aim is to provide a mattress that is not only comfortable and supportive but also adaptable to the unique needs of each guest. The emphasis on sleep quality enhances the overall hotel stay, leaving guests refreshed and satisfied, which ultimately contributes to the positive reputation of the Hyatt brand.

Which Mattresses Are Similar to the Ones Used by Hyatt Hotel?

If you’re looking to recreate the Hyatt sleep experience at home, consider mattresses similar to the Hyatt Grand Bed, such as:

Saatva Mattress

Saatva Mattress

Saatva Classic Mattress
  • America's best-selling online luxury innerspring mattress
  • Features a generous 365 night period for testing the mattress
  • Comes with Lifetime  Warranty 
  • White glove delivery service

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The Saatva Mattress is a luxury innerspring model that offers a balanced blend of support and comfort. It’s known for its eco-friendly construction, using organic cotton in the cover and recycled steel for the coils. The mattress’s unique coil-on-coil design contributes to its responsiveness and durability. The upper layer of individually wrapped coils contours to the body, while the lower layer of hourglass-shaped coils provides deep support. A Euro-top layer adds a plush, cushioning effect, enhancing overall comfort. Saatva offers three firmness options – plush soft, luxury firm, and firm- catering to various sleep preferences. The Saatva Mattress, with its thoughtful design and quality materials, provides a sleep experience similar to the Hyatt Hotel mattress, making it an excellent alternative for those looking to recreate the Hyatt sleep experience at home.

Puffy Lux

Puffy Lux Mattress

Puffy Lux Mattress
  • Award-Winning #1 Luxury Mattress
  • Features a 101 - Night Sleep Trial
  • Comes with Lifetime  Warranty 
  • 0% APR financing with Klarna


Puffy Lux is a popular mattress brand known for its luxurious, all-foam design. It features a four-layer construction that works together to provide an optimal balance of comfort, support, and cooling. The top layer is made of Cooling Cloud™ Foam, which dissipates heat and helps maintain a comfortable sleep temperature. Beneath that is a layer of Plush Dual Cloud Foam that contours to the body and minimizes pressure points. The Climate Comfort™ layer resists temperature fluctuations, while the Firm Core Support layer ensures proper spinal alignment and prevents sagging. Puffy Lux offers a medium firmness level, making it suitable for various sleepers. With its focus on comfort and temperature regulation, Puffy Lux is an excellent option for those who enjoy the comfort of a Hyatt hotel mattress and are looking to recreate a similar sleep experience at home.

Latex for Less

Latex for Less Mattress

Latex for Less Mattress
  • Most Comfortable  Luxury Mattress
  • Features a 120 night trial
  • Made with pure natural latex
  • Features organic cotton cover
  • Made with organic wool fire barrier

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Latex for Less is a mattress brand that emphasizes natural, eco-friendly materials in its construction. The mattress features 100% natural latex, providing a responsive and durable sleep surface that contours to the body while offering excellent support. Its two-sided design offers two firmness options in one mattress, allowing sleepers to choose between medium and firm by simply flipping the mattress. Additionally, a layer of pure wool offers natural temperature regulation and moisture-wicking properties, while an organic cotton cover adds to the overall breathability and softness of the mattress. Latex for Less offers a unique feel compared to the Hyatt Hotel’s Sealy Posturepedic mattresses. Still, its focus on comfort, support, and temperature regulation makes it a worthy consideration for those seeking a natural alternative to recreate a luxury hotel sleep experience at home.

Choosing between these alternatives should be based on individual comfort and firmness preferences, sleeping habits, and budget considerations.

The Hyatt Grand Bed

Offering a luxurious night’s sleep in every corner of the globe, the Hyatt Grand Bed is a central feature of the Hyatt Hotel’s commitment to superior guest comfort.

The Exceptional Design of the Hyatt Grand Bed

The Hyatt Grand Bed, a signature feature of Hyatt hotels, is an exceptional innerspring mattress. It’s designed to offer a balance of comfort and support, ensuring a refreshing sleep experience for all guests. The design revolves around understanding and catering to diverse sleep preferences.

Sealy Posturepedic: The Manufacturer Behind the Grandeur

Behind the grandeur of the Hyatt Grand Bed is the reputable manufacturer Sealy Posturepedic. They specialize in creating mattresses that promote proper spinal alignment and pressure relief, enhancing sleep quality.

Size and Dimensions of the Hyatt Grand Bed

The Hyatt Grand Bed is in various sizes to suit the room type and guests’ needs. The expansive dimensions range from queen to king size and offer ample space for a comfortable, undisturbed night’s sleep.

Firmness Level: The Key to Comfort

The firmness level of the Hyatt Grand Bed is thoughtfully chosen to be medium-firm. This provides a balance between softness for comfort and firmness for support, catering to a broad spectrum of sleep preferences among hotel guests.

In-depth Look at the Hyatt Mattress

An integral part of Hyatt’s renowned guest comfort is the carefully selected Hyatt hotel mattress. These mattresses, crafted for the ultimate sleep experience, offer guests exceptional comfort and support. In this section, we look in-depth at the specific features that make these mattresses stand out and how they compare to those used in other prestigious hotel brands.

Understanding the Type of Mattress Used by Hyatt

Primarily, Hyatt opts for the Sealy Posturepedic mattress, a choice made after careful consideration. This innerspring mattress is designed to offer an optimal balance of support and pressure relief, ensuring that every guest experiences a restful sleep. The careful selection of the mattress type underscores Hyatt’s commitment to providing the highest comfort level.

Exploring the Unique Characteristics of the Sealy Posturepedic Mattress

The Sealy Posturepedic mattress stands out for its unique characteristics. Its design focuses on providing exceptional back support and enhancing sleep quality. The mattress adapts to the body’s shape, distributing weight evenly and reducing pressure points. This attention to detail contributes significantly to the overall Hyatt sleep experience.

Examining the Mattress Used at Hyatt Regency

The Hyatt Regency also uses Sealy Posturepedic mattresses but with subtle variations in design and firmness. The intent is to cater to diverse guest preferences, ensuring that the sleep experience remains at the forefront of Hyatt Regency’s hospitality. Each mattress is designed to provide a perfect balance of comfort and support.

Comparing with Mattresses Used by Other Hotels like Hilton Garden

While the Hyatt opts for Sealy Posturepedic, other hotels like Hilton Garden Inn prefer the Serta mattresses. These mattresses, although comfortable, offer a slightly different sleep experience. The Hilton Garden Inn’s mattress may be firmer or softer depending on the specific model. It shows how each hotel brand tailors its sleep experience to its brand standards and guest expectations.

Hyatt Hotel Bedding and Accessories

Just as the Hyatt hotel mattress is essential to the overall guest experience, so are the bedding and accessories. These elements work in harmony with the mattress to create an inviting and comfortable sleep environment. Let’s delve into the finer details of the bedding and pillows that grace the Hyatt’s luxurious beds.

What Kind of Duvets Do They Use?

When it comes to duvets, Hyatt Hotels don’t compromise on quality. The duvets they use are manufactured exclusively by Serta Simmons Bedding, a company known for its exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality materials. These duvets are designed to provide both warmth and breathability, ensuring a comfortable sleep experience regardless of the season. They feature a luxurious outer cover that is soft to the touch and durable, ensuring it can withstand frequent use and washing. Inside, they’re filled with a hypoallergenic down alternative, offering the warmth and plushness of down without the potential for allergen issues. These duvets are carefully designed to maintain their loft and evenly distribute warmth, preventing cold spots. The use of Serta Simmons Bedding duvets adds to the overall comfort of the Hyatt Hotel sleep experience, making each guest’s stay truly luxurious.

What Kind of Pillows Do They Use?

Ensuring a perfect night’s sleep, Hyatt Hotels carefully selects its pillows, opting for the luxurious White Goose Chamber Pillows manufactured exclusively by Downlite Bedding. These pillows are renowned for their superior quality and exceptional comfort. They feature a unique chamber design, with an inner chamber filled with feathers for supportive firmness and an outer chamber filled with down for plush softness. This combination perfectly balances support and comfort, catering to a wide range of guest preferences. The cover is made of 100% cotton, breathable, and soft to the touch. These hypoallergenic pillows also undergo rigorous cleaning processes to remove allergens, ensuring a healthy sleep environment. The choice of White Goose Chamber Pillows from Downlite Bedding contributes significantly to the luxurious sleep experience that Hyatt Hotels are renowned for.

Evaluating Comfort: Hyatt vs. Other Hotels

When it comes to comfort, the Hyatt Hotel has carved a niche for itself within the hospitality industry. High-quality Sealy Posturepedic mattresses, luxurious bedding, and carefully selected pillows set a high standard for guest comfort. One key element that makes Hyatt stand out is the temperature regulation provided by their mattresses and bedding. This feature ensures guests enjoy a cool, comfortable sleeping environment regardless of the weather.

Comparatively, other hotels, such as Hilton Garden, also prioritize guest comfort but with slightly different approaches. For example, Hilton Garden uses Serta mattresses, which offer a distinct firmness and comfort level. Additionally, their choice of bedding and pillows might differ. Nevertheless, both Hyatt and Hilton Garden strive to provide the most comfortable sleep experience, each in its own unique way.

The Feasibility of a Hyatt Mattress at Home

While the Hyatt hotel mattress provides an undeniably comfortable sleep during a hotel stay, one might wonder about the feasibility of bringing this luxury into the home. In this section, we explore the benefits and considerations of having a Hyatt mattress at home and the process of purchasing one.

Pros and Cons of Having a Hyatt Hotel Mattress at Home

The idea of recreating the luxury of a Hyatt hotel sleep experience at home can be quite appealing. However, like any significant investment, weighing the pros and cons before purchasing a Hyatt hotel mattress is crucial. Here are some key points to consider:


  • Superior Comfort: A Hyatt hotel mattress is designed to provide unparalleled comfort and support, enhancing your sleep quality.
  • Premium Quality: These mattresses are constructed using high-quality materials and are designed to last, making them a valuable long-term investment.
  • Hotel-like Experience: Having a Hyatt mattress at home can recreate the luxurious sleep experience of a hotel stay, elevating your nightly rest.


  • High Cost: The Hyatt hotel mattress, given its premium quality and brand value, comes with a hefty price tag.
  • One Size Fits All: While the mattress is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of sleepers, it might not perfectly suit your specific sleep preferences.
  • Availability: These mattresses are typically made-to-order, which could mean a longer wait before your mattress arrives.

The Purchase Process for a Hyatt Hotel Mattress

Purchasing a Hyatt hotel mattress is relatively straightforward. They can be ordered directly from the Hyatt store or a few other retailers. However, it’s essential to remember that these mattresses are made-to-order, meaning it may take a few weeks for your new mattress to arrive. It’s an investment in your sleep health and quality, promising you the luxurious comfort that Hyatt hotels are renowned for.


The comfort of its beds often measures the quality of a hotel stay, and Hyatt Hotels certainly delivers in this aspect. The key to their success is their meticulously selected Sealy Posturepedic mattresses, plush bedding, and comfortable pillows. Every element is designed to work harmoniously, creating a luxurious sleep environment for every guest. Their choice of a mattress type that balances support and comfort, and their focus on temperature regulation, elevate the guest experience, setting them apart from their counterparts.

However, transferring this luxury to your home requires careful consideration. While the Hyatt mattress offers an unparalleled sleep experience, weighing the pros and cons before investing is essential. Doing so ensures that your purchase aligns with your sleep preferences and budget. Ultimately, the goal is a restful, rejuvenating sleep at a Hyatt Hotel or in your home.


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