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What Mattress Does Marriott Hotel Use?

Marriott International, a renowned hospitality giant, boasts over 7,000 properties worldwide. The unique Marriott hotel mattress is key to their reputation for delivering exceptional comfort, central to each guestroom’s luxurious appeal. Carefully chosen, these mattresses offer guests unparalleled relaxation, enhancing their overall stay. The importance of a high-quality sleep experience, delivered partly by the mattress, cannot be overstated for Marriott.

Given the diverse nature of guests, Marriott places significant emphasis on sleep quality. They understand a good night’s rest’s indispensable role in overall guest satisfaction. Therefore, the mattress selection process is rigorous, ensuring a range of preferences are catered to. The goal is simple: provide a sleep experience that leaves guests refreshed and eager to return.

What Mattress Does Marriot Hotel Use?

At the core of Marriott’s commitment to luxury and comfort lies the widely acclaimed Marriott Bed by Jamison. This mattress is a key feature in countless Marriott rooms, meticulously designed to provide guests with an unrivaled sleep experience. Crafted with plush, quilted fabric, the Marriott Bed by Jamison has a unique structure. This structure inhibits motion transfer, minimizes tossing and turning, and ensures a tranquil night’s rest. This mattress is synonymous with the Marriott brand, reflecting its steadfast dedication to comfort and quality.

However, Marriott’s portfolio extends beyond the Marriott Bed by Jamison. Given the global presence of Marriott hotels, various top-tier mattress brands are used across different regions and individual hotels. Regardless of the specific brand, each mattress upholds Marriott’s high standards. Every mattress features robust construction, superior materials, and a design that promotes deep, restorative sleep. The diverse array of mattresses represents Marriott’s understanding of individual comfort needs and its desire to satisfy every guest.

Which Mattress Resembles the One Used by Marriot Hotels?

Saatva Mattress

Saatva Mattress

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For those looking to replicate the luxurious sleep experience offered at Marriott Hotels in their own homes, Saatva mattresses are a worthy consideration. Much like the Marriott hotel mattress, Saatva delivers comfort, durability, and thoughtful design that fosters restful sleep. Saatva’s unique coil-on-coil construction offers a similar level of support and comfort, mimicking the feel of the mattresses at Marriott.

Moreover, Saatva mattresses come in a range of firmness levels, much like Marriott’s varied mattress portfolio. This allows customers to select a mattress that best suits their comfort preferences. Additionally, Saatva’s eco-friendly construction, using organic cotton and recycled steel coils, mirrors Marriott’s commitment to sustainability. It’s clear why many deem Saatva a viable alternative for those seeking the Marriott sleep experience at home.

Marriott Hotels’ Approach to Guest Comfort

Marriott International operates with an unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional guest experience. This commitment goes beyond offering a simple room to sleep in; Marriott aims to create a home away from home. Much of achieving this home-like comfort revolves around the quality of sleep guests can enjoy. Each carefully selected and rigorously tested Marriott hotel mattress contributes significantly to this comfort.

Marriott takes its mattress selection seriously because a good night’s sleep can directly influence a guest’s mood, productivity, and overall travel experience. The mattresses used across the Marriott portfolio provide comfort and are designed to cater to diverse sleep preferences. These mattresses ensure optimal sleep quality, regardless of whether a guest prefers a firm or plush sleeping surface.

In addition to providing high-quality mattresses, Marriott ensures that each aspect of the guest room contributes to a comfortable and restful stay. From room design and amenities to the quality of service, every detail is intended to enhance guest comfort. Marriott’s unique approach underscores the company’s dedication to guest satisfaction and its understanding of the crucial role that comfort plays in a guest’s hotel experience.

Types of Mattresses Used in Marriott Hotels

Marriott hotels are renowned for offering their guests comfortable, restful sleep experiences. Part of this can be attributed to the diverse array of mattresses they employ. Designed to cater to a broad range of guest preferences, these mattresses vary in structure and feel, but all are chosen for their exceptional quality. Let’s delve into the types of mattresses you might encounter while staying at a Marriott Hotel.

1. Innerspring Mattresses

Often found in Marriott rooms, innerspring mattresses offer a traditional feel. These mattresses are composed of steel coils that provide a strong, bouncy support structure. Topped with plush, comfortable layers, they combine support with luxurious comfort, ensuring a satisfying sleep experience.

2. Hybrid Mattresses

Marriott also frequently uses hybrid mattresses in its guest rooms. These mattresses combine the best of both worlds – the supportive coil system of an innerspring mattress with the contouring comfort of foam or latex. This balance of support and comfort is designed to cater to a wide range of sleep preferences.

3. Foam Mattresses

While less common, foam mattresses also feature in Marriott’s repertoire. Known for their pressure-relieving properties, foam mattresses contour closely to the body, providing a personalized sleep experience. Marriott uses high-quality foams to ensure durability and a consistently comfortable sleep surface.

4. Pillow-Top Mattresses

 Pillow-top mattresses add a layer of plush comfort to the mattress’s top. This additional layer can transform the sleep experience by adding a luxurious softness many guests appreciate. Marriott’s pillow-top mattresses perfectly balance plush comfort and underlying support.

5. Custom-Designed Mattresses

Some Marriott hotels use custom-designed mattresses. These mattresses, exclusively created for Marriott, offer a unique blend of comfort and support. They embody Marriott’s commitment to providing guests with an unparalleled sleep experience.

What Bedding Does Marriot Hotel Use?

In addition to a superior mattress, Marriott completes the sleep experience with high-quality comforters and pillows. Each element is chosen not only for its comfort but also for its durability, quality, and aesthetic appeal. Let’s explore the distinctive characteristics of Marriott’s comforters and pillows that make them a favorite among guests worldwide.

1. Comforters

The Marriott Down Duvet Comforter encapsulates luxury in contemporary bedding. Fluffy, opulent, and extremely comfortable, this comforter’s weight adapts to seasonal changes, ensuring sublime sleep all year round. Its double-stitched reinforced edges and sizable box design contribute to its durability. The allergen-free down fill makes it a mindful choice, even for allergy sufferers, ensuring restful and healthy slumbers.

Marriott offers the Down Alternative Duvet Comforter in its feather-free rooms, a guest favorite over the years. The hypoallergenic down alternative fill provides the perfect weight for year-round comfort. The box design ensures the fill stays evenly distributed, providing a consistently warm cocoon for countless nights of restful sleep.

The Marriott Down Blanket is another coveted item, providing warmth without compromising breathability. It’s not just for winter nights; its ideal weight and airy texture make it a perfect choice even for summer evenings. With its boxed design and double-stitched reinforced edges, the allergen-free down stays put, enabling you to enjoy the luxury of Marriott at home.

2. Pillows

The Marriott Pillow promises a perfect night’s sleep. Made with breathable, natural Lyocell fibers intertwined with the down; this pillow keeps your skin cool throughout the night. When paired with the Marriott pillow protector, it ensures many nights of restful sleep, echoing the comfort of a Marriott hotel room.

Equally popular is the Marriott Down Alternative Eco Pillow, a sustainable design that benefits both you and the planet. This pillow is Made from recycled plastic bottles spun into resilient polyester balls. It maintains its shape for countless nights of blissful and supportive sleep. Bringing this Earth-friendly hotel pillow home can provide the perfect finishing touch for your bedroom while supporting sustainable practices.

How to Purchase Marriott’s Mattresses for Home Use

Experience the luxury of a Marriott hotel’s sleep comfort right in your own home with Marriott’s offering of its mattresses and bedding for purchase. Through the Marriott Home Store, you can easily acquire the same high-quality mattresses and bedding that make each night in a Marriott room a rejuvenating experience. It’s a simple process – just choose your desired items and place your order. These products are shipped directly to your home, extending the same level of comfort and quality experienced in Marriott hotel rooms to your own bedroom.

However, it’s also worth considering the Saatva mattress. Saatva mattresses provide comparable comfort and quality to Marriott hotel mattresses. Known for their luxury hybrid mattresses, Saatva combines the supportive innerspring system with the contouring comfort of foam or latex, much like the Marriott bed by Jamison. So, whether you opt for the original Marriott mattress or explore Saatva’s offerings, rest assured that you’re investing in a great night’s sleep.

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

Marriott’s commitment to providing superior sleep comfort is widely acknowledged by guests worldwide. The mattresses and bedding used in their hotels consistently receive high praise in customer reviews. Guests frequently commend the comfort and quality of the Marriott bed, often noting how it contributes to a restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep. Many even express their desire to recreate the same sleep experience at home, a testament to the positive impact of Marriott’s sleep comfort strategy.

Customers who have purchased Marriott’s mattresses and bedding for home use also give high ratings. They frequently mention these products’ high quality, durability, and comfort. Moreover, they appreciate the ability to bring the luxurious sleep experience of a Marriott hotel room into their bedrooms. These positive reviews indicate high customer satisfaction with Marriott’s home products.

Interestingly, Saatva mattresses also receive similar levels of praise from customers. Reviews highlight the comfortable and supportive nature of their mattresses. Customers often compare Saatva mattresses favorably to hotel mattresses, including those used by Marriott. Such feedback underscores Saatva’s potential as a viable alternative for those seeking to recreate the Marriott sleep experience at home. Thus, both Marriott and Saatva mattresses have proven successful in providing high-quality sleep experiences, as reflected in customer reviews and satisfaction.


The hospitality industry, with Marriott leading the way, recognizes the undeniable importance of a quality sleep experience. The right mattress, like the Marriott Bed by Jamison or the comparable Saatva mattress, is critical to this experience. Coupled with high-quality bedding, including comforters and pillows, it creates an inviting and restful sleep environment that significantly contributes to overall guest satisfaction.

Marriott’s commitment to sleep comfort is evident not just in their hotel rooms but also in home environments, with the availability of their mattresses and bedding for purchase. The consistently positive feedback from both hotel guests and home users attests to the success of Marriott’s approach. Whether you’re checking into a Marriott hotel or simply climbing into your bed, the Marriott sleep experience is a testament to the power of a quality mattress in ensuring a good night’s sleep.

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